Palestinian Educational System Promotes Israel Hatred and Terrorism through School Plays

Palestinian play execution

Rather than promoting peace, the Palestinian educational system continues to glorify terrorists and promote death and destruction.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) educational system continues to poison the minds of Palestinian children by educating them to hate Israel and Israelis and through terror-promoting messages. They even using cultural mediums such as school plays, according to a new Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) report.

A recent play at a PA Bethlehem high school for boys reinforced a libel disseminated by the Palestinian leadership that Israel fabricated many of the recent terror attacks by planting knives near innocent Palestinians who were then shot and killed by Israelis for no reason.

The Tuqu’ High School for Boys, which is part of the Bethlehem Education Directorate under the PA Ministry of Education, staged a play on May 11 depicting Israeli soldiers as cold-blooded murderers.

In the play, performed in front of hundreds of high school students, actors portrayed Israeli soldiers arresting a Palestinian youth. The soldiers made the Palestinian kneel and lie on the ground, then planted a knife next to him to frame him as a stabber, and finally shot him in cold blood. Other actors portrayed Palestinians carrying away the “Martyr’s” body.

In another example, young Palestinian children “executed” an Israeli soldier in a play at an art exhibition at the Al-Surra Elementary School for Boys and Girls in April, which is part of the Hebron Education Directorate under the PA Ministry of Education.

A photo from the exhibition posted on the Al-Surra Elementary School’s Facebook page shows a Palestinian boy wearing a ribbon with the Palestinian flag and the word “Palestine” on it. The boy is preparing to “execute” another child dressed as an Israeli soldier. He points a toy M16 rifle at the Israeli soldier, who kneels with his arms raised in surrender.

A second photo shows “the Israeli soldier” lying on the ground after being “executed” by the smiling Palestinian child.

A report in the Palestinian daily Al-Ayyam described the exhibition at the Al-Surra Elementary School, south of Hebron, as “a cultural art exhibition… for Palestinian Prisoner’s Day.”

“The way the Palestinian Authority educates its children will determine if there can be peace in the future,” PMW said in a statement. “PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas repeatedly professes to foreign audiences his desire for peace between Israel and a Palestinian state living side by side. However, with the prevalence of this type of hate and terror promotion, PA schools themselves are a great impediment to peace.”

By: United with Israel Staff

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Source: United with Israel