US Ambassador David Friedman (Photo via Flash90)

In an increasingly heated battle of words, the Palestinian  (PA) called for putting David Melech Friedman, the US Ambassador to Israel, on a terrorism list.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Information in Ramallah issued a report titled, “Friedman, the Ambassador of Settlements and Lawyer of Extremism,” in which they called for placing the US envoy on the terrorism list “for violating international law, supporting terrorism, and promoting ethnic cleansing and black racism.”

The report did not specify which terror list was relevant. There is no recognized global index of terrorist organizations though many countries maintain their own lists. There are no less than seven Palestinian organizations currently listed as terrorist organizations around the world and at least four more that were labeled as such in the past. Freidman’s organization, the US State Department, has never been labeled a terror organization by any recognized governmental body.

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This recent attack on Friedman is part of an ongoing feud. After two Palestinian terror attacks that left three Israelis dead, Friedman criticized the PA for not condemning the attacks. PA President Mahmoud Abbas responded by referring to Friedman as “the son of a dog” and “a settler while addressing a PA leadership meeting last week.

“The ambassador, David Friedman, said they’re building on their own land. You son of a dog, building on their own land?! You are a settler and your family are settlers!” Abbas said.

Though ‘son of a dog’ is a mild pejorative in Arabic, it can be assumed that the title of ‘settler’ is the most extreme insult in the Palestinian arsenal.

At an anti-semitism conference in Jerusalem, Friedman referred to the incident as a case of anti-Semitism.

Before Friedman became an adviser for President Trump during his successful presidential campaign, Friedman had a long and fruitful career as a lawyer. It is to be assumed he is undaunted by verbal attacks.

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