Palestinians riot on Israel's border

Israel’s citizens in the south are again faced with Hamas’ airborne arson terrorism. 

By: United with Israel Staff

After a few weeks of relative quiet in the south, Gaza-based terrorists renewed their airborne arson terror campaign against Israeli citizens living in the Gaza area.

Gaza-based terrorists launched dozens of balloons laden with flammable materials towards Israel in the past 48 hours, igniting at least 18 fires.

At least nine fires were started by arson balloons on Monday as Israelis celebrated the first day of the Sukkot holiday. Blazes raged at the Simchon forest near Nachal Oz and at Beeri, Kisufim, Nir Yitzchak and other locations.

At the Kisufim forest, an explosive device tied to a balloon was found and defused.

“For months, Gazans have been launching arson balloons at Israel, burning more than eight thousand acres of Israeli land, killing hundreds of animals and endangering thousands of people,” the IDF stated Sunday after the Israeli Air Force attacked a terror cell in Gaza that was launching arson balloons from Gaza into Israel.

On Monday, Gaza’s Health Ministry said a Palestinian was killed and 10 others wounded by Israeli fire during a demonstration near the perimeter fence. Thousands of Palestinian protesters gathered on a beach in northern Gaza near the frontier, burning tires and hurling rocks toward Israeli soldiers, who responded with tear gas and live fire. Fishing boats waving Palestinian flags circled nearby.

On Friday, more than 10,000 Gazans rioted along the security fence with Israel, throwing grenades and explosives at IDF forces and attempting to infiltrate Israel. Grenade shrapnel hit a combat soldier, injuring him. In response, an IDF aircraft carried out several strikes in northern Gaza.

Hamas has led regular riots since March under the banner of “The March of the Great Return” which calls for the replacing of Israel with a Muslim state.

In the meantime, a Hamas delegation is heading to Cairo “soon” to take part in talks on several issues in including a ceasefire with Israel, Hamas leader Sami Abu Zohri stated Monday.

In a press release, Abu Zohri threatened that Hamas would have “other options” if the efforts exerted to reach a ceasefire with Israel failed.

Abu Zohri added that the Palestinians have sent a message to Israel that “stalling for time to deplete the people of Gaza’s will is a lost cause.”

AP contributed to this report.

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Source: United with Israel