Shin Bet busts illegal arms manufacturers and dealers in the Hebron area and seize weaponry and ammunition. (Shin Bet Communications Department)

The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) announced on Tuesday that security forces arrested several individuals suspected of manufacturing and trading in illegal arms, and seized several weapons and cash from the suspects.

According a Shin Bet spokesperson, Shin Bet, Israel Police and IDF forces collaborated over the last few days to locate and seize illegal arms in Judea and Samaria. Following up on Shin Bet intelligence, security forces raided several sites in Hebron and the Palestinian village of Yatir.

“During the operation, five suspects, residents of Hebron and Yatir were arrested,” said a spokesperson for the Shin Bet. “Upon arrest, the suspects surrendered a wide range of weapons to the hands of the Israeli forces, including M-16 rifle parts, self manufactured submachine guns, a large amount of ammunition, pipe bombs, and combat knives.”

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Additionally, the Shin Bet and IDF located and seized a lathe used to manufacture submachine guns and USD 40,000 in cash, suspected to be the earning of the Palestinian arms traders.

All the suspects were taken for further questioning by the Shin Bet.

“The very existence of these arms out there in the open, where they are accessible to terrorist and used to carry out attacks poses a high threat,” stated the Shin Bet spokesperson.“Therefore the Shin Bet will continue doing everything in its power, and by all means necessary, to locate and seize illegal arms in Judea and Samaria and bring those guilty in it’s manufacturing and trafficking to justice.”

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