PA Deal With Jordan Establshes Muslim Conquest of the Temple Mount 

Muslim officials announced to all the major media that, as part of the global community, they would observe social distancing restrictions by refraining from public worship including in the Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount. But nothing could be further from the truth.

In a statement to Reuters last Thursday, the Waqf made what they described as a “painful decision” that was “ “in line with fatwas (clerical opinions) and medical advice.”

According to the report in Reuters, the Waqf told Muslims to “perform prayers in their homes during the month of Ramadan, to preserve their safety.”

Ramadan began on April 23 and will end on May 23.

The Reuters report inaccurately claimed the Temple Mount was believed by Muslims to be the site where the Prophet Mohammad ascended to heaven. 

“Jerusalem has sites sacred to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and all three religions have taken coronavirus precautions,” the Reuters article stated, noting that Birkat HaKohanim (the priestly blessing), an event that usually draws tens of thousands to the Western Wall, was restricted to ten people this year.

In a pre-Ramadan speech last Wednesday, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas seemed to reinforce that message, saying that mosques and other houses of worship would remain closed, in line with international health recommendations.

Despite earlier declarations by the Muslim-Palestinian Authorities, there were already hints that this would not be the case. In contravention of Health Ministry regulations already in place, Muslims crowded the Temple Mount for the Friday prayers on March 20, rioting as policemen tried to enforce social distancing. This is believed to be ongoing as Muslims are observed entering the Temple Mount while Jews and Christians are restricted. The Waqf has even taken the opportunity to engage in construction in contravention of the agreement between Israel and Jordan. In the past, illegal Waqf construction has destroyed irreplaceable archaeological artifacts.

Despite the statements by the Palestinian-Muslim leadership to the Western Media, their message to the Palestinian people is the precise opposite. Palestinian Media Watch (PMW)on Wednesday about a video aired on Palestinian Authority TV on April 10. The video calls for the Palestinians to rise up in armed conflict to conquer the Temple Mount.

“Al-Aqsa—the lemon blossom, the olives. I will redeem you with my soul and my eyes,” the video states, showing images of mass prayer as well as violence. It continues, “Al-Aqsa is more precious than my children and more precious than my family—Al-Aqsa is my life, Al-Aqsa is my life … the whole world is with Palestine, and wherever you need us, we are with you.”

According to PMW, This is consistent with an ongoing campaign by the PA which promotes violence which includes the use of Palestinian children as martyrs.

Tom Nisani, head of the Students for the Temple Mount Organization, noted that with very little explanation, a situation has appeared in which Jews are not permitted to enter the Temple Mount while Muslims are. 

“It was widely reported that the Jordanians made a deal with the Waqf that if they wanted to make it look like they were observing social distancing and keeping Muslims from the Temple Mount, they needed to ensure that no Jews went up to the Temple Mount,” Nisani told Breaking Israel News. “This is what is happening. Of course, this agreement could not have happened without the Israeli government agreeing to this and preventing Jews from entering the Temple Mount.”

“But this is only an appearance. The Israeli police are allowing the Waqf workers into the Temple Mount and once they are in, they can pray. But Jews are not even allowed in.”

“There were no public announcements from the Israeli government stating when jews can go back up and under what conditions. It is no surprise that Jordan and the Palestinians act in such a racist manner but it is quite sad that our own government would act in contravention of Israeli and international law.”

In response to this injustice, Nisoni organized a protest outside the entrance to the Temple Mount. Due to health regulations and travel restrictions, the rally was poorly attended.

Source: Israel in the News