Jerusalem – November 27, 2019: Following US State Secretary Pompeo’s announcement that the US no longer views Israeli settlements in the West Bank as “inconsistent with international law,” Palestinian leaders called on their people to participate in a “Day of Rage” yesterday and to continue Day of Rage activities to protest against the alleged “Zionist-American plots.”

The PA Ministry of Education closed schools for an hour yesterday so that school children would actively participate in the mass processions and the activities.

Fatah official Jamal Muhaisen announced that the Day of Rage activities are part of “a comprehensive program of struggle,” and promised that it will end in terror and “a comprehensive intifada”.

The Fatah Movement also called on Palestinians to “Rage!”

Itamar Marcus, director of PMW explains: “What kind of an education are Palestinian leaders giving their children by closing schools and encouraging youngsters to participate in a Day of Rage?  Rather than educating their children for peace the PA Ministry of Education took them out of school and sent them to participate in violent demonstrations.  Palestinian kids deserve better.”

Abbas’ Fatah Deputy Chairman Al-Aloul, announced that Fatah and the national forces have planned “activity on the ground at all levels… in order to escalate the struggle.”  He added that he wants this street activity to take place “in all districts of the homeland,” – meaning he is encouraging Israeli Arab participation as well. Al-Aloul said that this is the start of a permanent program, pairing the PA leadership’s “political activity” with the people in the streets’ “struggle against the occupation and its settlers” – something that Al-Aloul wants to be “permanent.

Al-Aloul recently explained that negotiations with Israel are only effective if there is simultaneous “resistance” – a term used by the PA leadership to refer to everything from peaceful protest to violence and terror.

In order to motivate Palestinians to act, Al-Aloul yesterday demonized Israeli and American governments, alleging “the American administration led by [US President Donald] Trump and the occupation government are gangs that are committing many crimes against our people, which have even reached the point of murder.”  Meanwhile, in an op-ed in the PA official daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, US President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu were demonized as a dangerous “two-headed cobra” that will “kill” the Palestinians unless they “overcome it”.

Following Pompeo’s statements, Fatah Central Committee member Rawhi Fattouh called the US Secretary of State “a war criminal, as you are not obeying international law.”

Source: Israel in the News