The Organization of the 70 Nations has established an international court and, as its first official act, will hold a session on Mount Zion in Jerusalem to judge on the Trump peace plan, officially titled “Peace to Prosperity: A Vision to Improve the Lives of the Palestinian and Israeli People”. The court will also make a judgment concerning the Israeli government’s intention to implement the plan, calling on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the President of the United States, Donald Trump to defend their decision to relinquish the Biblically mandated borders of the Land of Israel, an act that contravenes the Torah. Also listed as defendants are the Israeli High Court and The International Court of Justice in The Hague.

Their case was outlined in an official document in Hebrew, the main points of which are detailed below: 

“The defendants, individually and collectively, have chosen to violate Biblical law, thus endangering all of humanity by promoting a policy that constitutes criminal maliciousness against the fundamental laws of national border guardianship established by God, the Creator of the world and the God of Israel as recorded in the Bible. And by doing so, the actions of these leaders will bring turmoil and animosity among the peoples, undermining world peace, and especially the ability for Israel to live in peace, thereby causing harm to people and property all over the world.

“We, therefore, warn all the aforementioned people, collectively and individually, to acknowledge within ten days of receiving this notification through any international advertising media, social networking Twitter, email, or letter of their policy. If they fail to do so, they are likely to be named as representatives or named for personal responsibility in this judgment.

“The Tribunal is suing the defendants before the Creator of the world and before the Judges of the Tribunal to determine whether they violated the basic laws regarding the ancestral boundaries of the Jewish people, the Land of Israel, which is their inheritance and legacy as recorded in the Torah.  

“Making a claim against the borders of Israel and any attempt to divide it is a hate crime, a crime against the Creator and against his creation, a crime against humanity and against the people of Israel.


“The Supreme Court of the State of Israel, known High Court of Justice, developed a policy that is entirely devoid of human rights, is not based on human laws or the laws of the courts. In any judgment whereby a person can be declared or possess a land, they must provide proof or evidence that the land was legally acquired. Conversely, to dispossess a person of land, their claim must first be credibly refuted. The Israeli High Court upholds the claims of a non-existent state known as Palestine and in effect denotes the entire Land of Israel as private “Palestinian” land.

“The defendant succeeded in this policy of destroying the regional sovereignty of the land of Israel, the legacy of the Jews, passing this over to the enemies of Israel, thereby violating clauses in Israeli criminal law and international treaties, as well as transgressions mandated by the Bible.

“If the defendant’s guilt is proven, the defendant will be required to announce that he has ceased this policy and must resign immediately and will pay out of his pocket all damages caused to civilians in the Land of Israel according to the Bible.


The International Court of Justice in The Hague created an existential threat to the State of Israel and the people by promoting the idle claims that the people of Israel illegally conquered this country. This policy poses a real threat that is being acted upon, promoting hostility and hatred around the world targeting Israel. This poses an existential risk to the general public. 

The claims against the ICC include the claims made against the High Court of Israel that include violating the laws of the Bible as well as violating international conventions including various UN treaties, Geneva Conventions, the Rome Convention, and others.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Organization of 70 Nations was established after the Sanhedrin determined that the United Nations has desecrated its Biblical mandate as representing the nations in a holy consecration to bring the nations together in universal service of God. This was most poignantly illustrated in the UN declaring abortion and euthanasia as ‘human rights”, though both explicitly prohibited by the Noahide commandments, 


They are both, collectively and individually, advanced an agenda known by several names, such as ‘The Deal of the Century’, ‘The Middle East Peace Plan’, and ‘Peace to Prosperity.’ The plan, revealed to the public in February 2020, was based on dividing the land of Israel, granting portions to an enemy of Israel that is, masquerading as a nation while, in actuality, they are a mob of foreigners. 

They are, historically members of the Arab/Muslim nation which illegally occupied the land of Israel in 638 CE.


Any program based on the partition of the Land of Israel undermines the concept of ‘borders’ which is a fundamental and basic concept, through which the Bible assigns borders to nations: 

When the Most High gave nations their homes And set the divisions of man, He fixed the boundaries of peoples In relation to Yisrael‘s numbers. Deuteronomy 32:8

The concept of borders relates to every distinguishing factor, such as language and history. This is equally true in social terms that distinguish between genders. These ‘peace plans’ subvert morality based on actions, thereby evoking deception throughout the world instead of actually promoting peace.

The essence of Divine Creation is based on boundaries and divisions, the essence of which is embodied in the laws of Noah and in the Ten Commandments, that if there was no Creation, there would also be no science nor intellectual understanding; only chaos. This practice, known as “globalization”, is no less than a  return to the Tower of Babel, contrasting and revolting against pilgrimage to the Temple. By obviating states, peoples, and laws, anarchy will prevail, including the destruction of the family, the basis for any healthy society.

We represent the Seventy Nations as outlined in the founding documents of the ‘Seventy Nations’ (attached herewith).

If the Defendants do not respond individually to the allegations made in them, a tribunal will be established to stand in judgment.  

Source: Israel in the News