One Year Later: Justice for Meir Tamari

One Year Later: Justice for Meir Tamari

Tal Tamari’s nightmare began one year ago today, on May 23, 2023, when her husband Meir, a 32-year-old father of two young children, was gunned down in a terror attack in northern Samaria. One year later, there is finally some sense of justice and closure after the IDF killed the Hamas terrorist responsible for Meir’s murder. But the pain and struggle for Tal and her children remain immense.

It was just a normal day for Meir as he drove home to his wife Tal and daughters Alma, aged 2, and Yahav, 1, in the community of Hermesh. But on that fateful afternoon, a car with two Palestinian terrorists passed Meir’s vehicle and opened fire with an M16 rifle, striking him with three bullets in the upper body. Despite his grave injuries, Meir managed to continue driving to the Hermesh gate where he received initial treatment before being rushed to the hospital. Tragically, the doctors were unable to save the 32-year-old’s life. He was murdered simply for being a Jew living in the biblical homeland.

“In one hour our life got torn to pieces. The pain is too hard to put into words,” Tal Tamari told reporters. “Meir was my best friend. He was kind, honest and an amazing father to our incredible children.”

In the aftermath, the Israeli military launched an intensive manhunt for the terrorists, finally succeeding in killing Hamas commander Ahmed Barkat, one of the two terrorists who carried out the shooting attack on Meir. On March 20, Barkat was traveling with other senior Hamas operatives in Jenin when IDF aircraft struck, killing him and three others. In addition to murdering Meir Tamari, the Hamas men “had carried out significant terrorist activities and attacks against Israeli civilians in recent days,” the IDF stated.

Meir and Tal Tamari with their two children

For Tal, Barkat’s death provided some relief and justice after an unimaginable year of grief. “Even though nothing can bring Meir back, at least the terrorist who murdered him in cold blood faced justice,” she said. “I hope this gives some closure to my children who had to grow up without a father because of Hamas’s inhumanity.”

In the 13 months since the attack, Tal, 26, has shouldered the incredible burden of raising her two daughters alone as a single mother. “Meir and I agreed he would work and I would be with the kids. I promised him I would raise them on my own,” she shared. The challenges have been immense both emotionally and financially. “Everything ended too fast. We had our whole life ahead of us.”

Thankfully, Tal was not entirely alone. Her family in Israel, especially her mother living nearby, provided core support in caring for the young children. In addition, Israel365 Charity launched a fund to support Tal and her children, through which generous Christians and Jews across the world have supported the Tamari family.

Tal Tamari attends the funeral of her husband Meir in Shaked Samaria May 31 2023 Photo by Shir ToremFlash90

“People donated money and came to help. It’s amazing to know we’re not alone,” Tal expressed gratefully. “It makes a huge difference and gives me strength to get up each morning for my children.” One campaign by Israel365 raised over $40,000 to ensure financial stability for the family. “That money has helped give me the ability to keep my promise to Meir to raise our children in the best way possible. Thank you,” Tal said.

Now, one year later, Tal must find the strength to continue the journey she and Meir began – raising their children in their forefather’s ancestral homeland and passing on Meir’s biblical values and Zionist ideals to Alma and Yahav.

“The pain is indescribable,” Tal said. “But I owe it to Meir’s memory to give our daughters the life he dreamed of – rooted in the Land our ancestors prayed to return to for thousands of years.”

While the terrorist’s death cannot bring her husband back, it brings justice and healing for Tal’s family. The State of Israel and Jews worldwide remain committed to supporting terror victims like Tal as they rebuild lives upended by hatred and violence.

Donations to support the Tamari can be made through the Tamari Family Fund.

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