On Israel, Soros funds the protests and the protested

On Israel, Soros funds the protests and the protested

Outside the mob of Hamas supporters were chanting “Genocide Joe,” while inside Joe Biden was trying to raise more money.

Yet the terrorist supporters and the president shared a funding source.

The Soros clan has been accused of providing an estimated $15 million to the pro-terrorist groups storming cities in support of Hamas, and an estimated $758,000 to Biden.

Both of those are only partial estimates of much larger spending by the family of radical billionaires who have simultaneously been funding the anti-Israel movement, Trojan horse Jewish groups and the Democratic Party politicians whom they are busy pressuring.

No accounting of Sen. Chuck Schumer’s infamous speech attacking Israel can overlook the fact that Alex Soros, the son of the elderly former Nazi collaborator who has defended Hamas, has met at least nine times with Schumer and called him “his good friend.” The younger Soros has continued meeting with Senate Dem candidates on whose victory Schumer’s Senate Majority Leader role depends.

The outside game of pressure campaigns, street blockades and violent attacks in the streets may get more attention, but is subsidiary to the inside game mastered by the Soros family.

$60 million has been pumped from the Soros network into its own Democracy PAC to help Democrats win. Millions from that PAC have gone to the Democratic Party’s Senate Majority PAC and House Majority PAC. And so when the Soros clan speaks, top House and Senate Democrats like Sen. Schumer and Rep. Hakeem Jeffries listen closely and then take action.

George Soros was always known as a savvy investor, but his son Alex has been even savvier as a political investor, building a spectrum of political funds that are not only vital to the election prospects of the Democrats, but that also cover an array of anti-Israel groups with different brands and tactics.

The Soros fortune extends to funding Linda Sarsour’s Arab American Association of New York, which took part in a rally celebrating the Oct. 7 attacks where the pro-Hamas mob attacked police officersJewish Voice for Peace, a fake Jewish group that has blocked traffic to stop Israel from attacking the terrorists, J Street, which falsely claims to be “pro-Israel” and “pro-Peace,” but has actually lobbied against Israel’s fight against terrorists, and Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, a vanity group co-founded by Alex Soros, which tries to provide Jewish cover for members of the antisemitic ‘Squad’ while accusing their Jewish critics of “weaponizing antisemitism.”

Meanwhile, in Israel, Al-Haq, a Soros-funded Muslim group tied to terrorists, had described Oct. 7 as a case of “Palestinian armed groups engaged in an operation in response to escalating Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people,” while the International Crisis Group has become so entangled with Iran that its members have been described as agents of the regime.

Viewed separately, JVP, J Street, Al-Haq, the Arab American Association, the Crisis Group and many others appear to represent different views, but they actually represent different fronts in the war on Jews. While the groups may appear different, they follow the usual Soros tactic of networking smaller groups together into larger ones to create not just organizations, but a movement.

Soros money funds Muslims, leftists and people of Jewish ancestry who support killing Jews under a variety of banners and names, but they share the traditional hateful Soros agenda.

What Schumer or J Street believes about Hamas may be less relevant than what George Soros thinks about Hamas. And what does Soros think about the Islamic terrorist group?

“America and Israel must open the door to Hamas,” Soros once urged in an editorial. “Neither Hamas nor Hezbollah can be treated merely as targets in the war on terror, because both have deep roots in their societies,” he argued in yet another editorial. “AIPAC must bear its share of responsibility for aiding and abetting policies such as Israel’s heavy-handed response to Hezbollah last summer and its insistence on treating Hamas only as a terrorist organization.”

Following the money is always a good idea and the profound shift made by many Democrats and liberal organizations after Oct. 7 from supporting Israel to opposing it can be seen as a reflection of the agenda of their funder. Soros-funded groups quickly rallied after Oct. 7 to undermine support for the Jewish state using everything from street violence to fake claims of Islamophobia and atrocities.

But the invisible inside game is no less real even if it leaves behind no fingerprints. There is no way to know what happened behind the scenes at some organizations where the reversals were fast enough to make heads spin.

On Oct. 9, J Street issued a statement denouncing the attacks and stating that “we stand in solidarity with the Israeli people and with the Israeli armed forces that have been battling desperately to protect them. Two days later, J Street was back on track, condemning the “occupation of Palestinian Territory,” and 10 days later was labeling Israel’s campaign to stop Hamas as an “escalation.” What happened behind the scenes at the leftist group?


What we do know is that Alex Soros has continued his father’s tradition of elemental hostility towards the Jewish state.

On Aug. 7, months before the Hamas attacks, Alex Soros co-signed a letter falsely accusing the “current Israeli government” of a “campaign [that] is so severe and so consequential that it merits a proportionate reaction by Israel’s chief ally, the United States of America” such as voting against Israel at the U.N. and other ways of undermining the Jewish state.

Despite the attacks of Oct. 7, all seven of the demands for actions against Israel were either enacted, moved forward or otherwise entered consideration by the Biden administration.

While the pro-Hamas mobs may condemn the Biden administration, ‘Genocide Joe’ and the Hamas supporters share a common anti-Israel agenda and a common funding source.

The difference between the inside and the outside game lies in the facades. What’s the real difference between Biden and Hamas supporters? Appearance. The combination of internal and external pressures, mob violence and massive checks, is a campaign of total warfare against Israel that is designed to appear as if it were coming from many diverse voices.

But behind many of the facades lies one agenda.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical left and Islamic terrorism.

Originally published by FrontPage Magazine.

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