On First Visit to Temple Mount, Liberal Lawmaker Prays, Breaks Down in Tears

Opposition Knesset Member Michal Cotler Wunsh from the Blue and White party made her first pilgrimage to the Temple Mount on Wednesday with former MK Rabbi Yehuda Glick.

During her visit, Wunsh acknowledged that it is the start of the Jewish calendar month of Elul. She called the experience a “dream some true.” After expressing her excitement, Wunsh broke fought back tears.

Wunsh, who spent her formative years in Canada, said that she is praying for peace for Israel, peace for the world and step-by-step we will be able to fulfill our mission with courage and humility and to continue doing everything we can to materialize the mission of Israel.”

Labeled by the JPost as a liberal Modern Orthodox MK has been known to quote from the Bible. She once made a speech about Korah which recalls an argument that was for the sake of power but was disguised as an argument for the sake of God.

“I can fight, but I don’t have to fight the way that is dictated to me,” she said. “I can fight differently, without mudslinging. I don’t plan on playing the game how someone else prescribes. There is a smarter way to advance the issues.”

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