Ode to the United Nations, and its Gazan Staff

Ode to the United Nations, and its Gazan Staff

I don’t celebrate the death of any civilian non-combatant anywhere, whether in a drive by shooting in
Chicago or a war or act of terror. Unfortunately, war is hell and there are civilian casualties. That’s truly
sad. But I am proud to live in a country that not only does everything possible to protect us through a
powerful standing army, a dedicated reserve army, and the investment of billions in technologies to
prevent loss of life. I am also proud to live in a country that has among the most if not the most moral
armies in the world, always seeking to limit if not prevent civilian non-combatant loss of life.

Operating by these standards often puts Israeli soldiers in harm’s way, risking their lives, to preserve the
lives of civilian non-combatants in Gaza. It sometimes means not striking terrorists who are a clear and
present danger, even en route to carry out a terrorist attack. There are videos of air force pilots calling
off an air strike because of the terrorists’ proximity to children.

I am also grateful to live in a country where we don’t do what our enemies in Hamas, Islamic Jihad,
Hezbollah, and others do: using their own civilians as human shields. Other than being evil, and a war
crime, this makes clear that these ISIS-like Islamic terrorists are not fighting FOR their own people, but
just to kill us.

In that context, I was dismayed but not surprised to read recently that the UN has criticized Israel
because of the death of 88 UN staff in Gaza . Again, I do not celebrate the death of any civilian non-
combatant. However, rather than criticizing Israel, for the death of its staff members, the United
Nations should be looking in the mirror, and asking itself difficult questions as to how it is culpable for,
and has enabled this situation, for decades. The UN has enabled the Islamic terrorists to threaten and
slaughter Israelis, by allowing their staff and facilities, including civilians, to be out in harm’s way.

Gilad Erdan, Israeli ambassador to the U.N., speaks during a Security Council meeting, July 27, 2023. Credit: Courtesy of the Israeli Mission to the United Nations.

With 57% of Gazans actually supporting Hamas in a recent Arab-based poll, they should ask how many
of its “staff members “are in fact Hamas terrorists? Do they vet out their staff to prevent this possibility?
The United Nations should reflect on how it has allowed Hamas and other terrorist organizations to use
their schools and other facilities in and around which to hide weapons and their terrorists.

How have United Nations agencies spent decades conferring refugee status among Palestinian Arabs as
something one inherits from generation to generation, the only people in the world with this status,
rather than resettling them, and resolving a demographic problem rather than perpetuating it? How in
doing so can the UN act in good faith that the Palestinian Arabs’ leaders have the stated goal to destroy
Israel, a UN member state?

How is it that United Nations funded and run schools deliberately allow the instigating and inciting of
hatred and terror toward Israel and Jews, inciting violence and genocide against an entire people?
Should this really be part of the curriculum of raising good citizens of the world?
How did the United Nations allow Hamas to steal hundreds of thousands of liters of diesel fuel from a
United Nations facility without saying a word? Was this an inside job?

How is it humanly possible that the Secretary General of the United Nations had the obscene hubris to
rationalize the massacre of 1400 people in Israel on October 7 by saying that the world needs to
understand the context, effectively justifying a crime against humanity. Really?

New York, NY – September 20, 2021: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres addresses the media on the Informal Leaders Roundtable on Climate Action at UN Headquarters

How is it possible that the United Nations peacekeepers have allowed Hezbollah in Lebanon to acquire
more than 150,000 long range precision missiles under its watch, in violation of direct United Nations
resolutions? If Hezbollah opens a front with Israel, now or any time in the future, and Israel strikes its
bunkers, weapons storages, terror leaders where they are hiding, and more, the blood will be on the
hands of the UN for allowing southern Lebanon to become infested with terrorists, nestled among the
civilian population.

Rather than playing the victim, and as sad as the death of any one civilian who is not directly or
indirectly related to Hamas and the other terrorists is, the United Nations is directly culpable for
enabling the evil of the Islamic Palestinian Arab terrorist we are witnessing in Israel, and the
consequence in Gaza of Israel’s invasion to destroy Hamas and release the hostages. And yes, that
includes the death of 88 UN staff.

Blame for the massacre on October 7 starts with Hamas, and with the assist to Iran, and with no less
culpability to the UN for passing resolution after resolution against Israel, elevating Iran’s Islamist
regime, barely ever mentioning human rights violations, atrocities and war crimes that are committed
by actual terrorist entities, all of which directly play into the terrorist’ hands.

It is indeed sad that so many UN staff members were killed. After they bury their colleagues, the UN
must look in the mirror because of their decades of institutional guilt for strengthening the terrorists
and bringing us to this day. Their behavior is UN-becoming in enabling this, as much as it is in their
blaming Israel, the one UN member state that dozens of other member states and terrorist entities want
to wipe off the map.

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