A child puts his note in the Western Wall (Photo: Michael Panse/Wikimedia Commons)

The final batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails were released by the State Department on Monday, bringing the total to an astounding 52,000 all together. The documents’ release came just a day before the United States readies itself for ‘Super Tuesday’, which will determine the Democratic presidential candidate – a position in which Clinton is a top contender.

Attached to one of the thousands of messages released was a note addressed to ‘Hashem’ (Hebrew for God). Supposedly, the classified note belonged to US President Barack Obama’s national security adviser, Tom Donilon, who inserted it into Jerusalem’s Western Wall (Kotel) during a trip to Israel in 2012.

The area known as the Kotel is the only remnant of the entire Western wall which once surrounded the Jewish Holy Temple. At the time when it stood, the Temple was believed to have been a resting place for God’s Divine Presence (Shechinah). Today, thousands of years after the destruction of the Temple itself, it is thought that the smaller Kotel is the new home to the Shechinah.

Let Jews Pray on the Temple Mount!

The concept of placing notes in the Kotel has been practiced since at least the 18th century. People come from all over the world to pray and squeeze their notes to Hashem, full of prayers and hopes, into the cracks of the Kotel’s huge foundation stones.

Despite wishful thinking that Obama’s adviser may have spiritual leanings, officials ultimately said that the attachment in the email containing the note to Hashem was actually a joke sent to Clinton by an aide.

Said an anonymous State Department official: “This document, and the email chain to which it was attached, are unclassified. This document is not a real note. It is a joke written by Secretary Clinton’s communications adviser, Philippe Reines, and was attached to an email chain discussing senior officials’ travel to Israel in July 2012.”

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