Kesem, Liel and May Zada

“My stomach turns with worry and excitement. My concern as a mother triples,” says their mom.

By United With Israel Staff 

Three of the newest recruits in the Israel Border Police are siblings; in fact, they are triplets.

“Jerusalem triplets Liel, Kesem, and May Zada have never been separated and they did not intend to let their national service change that,” says Ynet of the 18-year-old siblings.

“My stomach turns with worry and excitement. My concern as a mother triples,” their mom, Tehila, 41, told the news outlet. On the other hand, she says, “my biggest comfort is that all three of them will serve together as officers in the Border Police… At least I won’t have to wander around different military bases to visit the kids.”

The sisters – Kesem and May – enlisted last week, and their brother Liel joined them Sunday, Ynet reports.

According to the report, this is the first set of triplets ever to enlist in the Border Police.

Based on Israel Police data, only one in 16 recruits who want to serve as Border Police fighters are admitted into the force, says the news site.

“We were raised on the Border Police,” May told Ynet.

“My aunt’s husband, Roy Cohen, has been serving in the Border Police in Jerusalem for over 20 years, and we dreamed of serving in the Border Police together since we were children,” she said.

Cohen’s father, Uzi, who also served in the Border Police, was killed in March 1996 by a passenger on a Jerusalem bus who blew himself up as the border policeman approached him, May says.

He died a hero, she adds, because he saved the lives of many of the passengers.

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Source: United with Israel