Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger

The baby was born into the family of the woman who was saved by Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger. The newborn was named Ahiad in the hero’s honor.

By United With Israel Staff

The victim of a recent terrorist attack has been memorialized with his name given to a newborn child at a circumcision ceremony.

Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger was one of two people killed in a shooting near Ariel in Samaria on March 17.

Ettinger, who later died of the wounds he sustained when he was shot, first succeeded in saving the life of a woman.

The terrorist had aimed his weapon at the woman who was nearby, but the rabbi, upon noticing what was happening, managed to fire at the terrorist first.

As a result, the wounded assailant moved away from the woman and shot Ettinger repeatedly instead. The rabbi died the following day. He is survived by his wife and 12 children.

The same day that the rabbi died, a baby boy was born into the family of the woman he had saved.

The circumcision, which traditionally takes place on the eighth day of a Jewish baby boy’s life, coincided with the conclusion of the seven-day ‘Shiva’ mourning period for Ettinger. Just as he had completed the Shiva, a son of the rabbi was called upon to attend the circumcision and given the honor of naming the child, who was given his late father’s name.

The son choked up with emotion as he called out ‘Ahiad’ at the ceremony, naming the newborn child.

The word Ahiad in Hebrew means “my brother forever.”

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Source: United with Israel