New study shows 81% of Gen X Jews seek more Jewish study

New study shows 81% of Gen X Jews seek more Jewish study

A recent survey, commissioned by the Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning, has found that more than 81 percent of adult Jewish Gen Xers and older millennials are interested in learning more about their heritage and believe that knowledge will lead to more meaning and a greater sense of purpose in their lives.

Other key takeaways from the survey include:

·       90 percent of respondents were interested in sharing Jewish learning opportunities with their children

·       88 percent showed interest in learning about other Jewish communities

·       85 percent of respondents were seeking more learning opportunities about Israel

·       75 percent wish they were more knowledgeable about Judaism

·       73 percent wish they were more knowledgeable about Jewish rituals/practices

Most notably, the vast majority of respondents indicated significant interest in courses aimed at helping them to lead more meaningful lives (87 percent), connect daily with their Jewish values (87 percent), and connect with spirituality (87 percent). More than 88 percent indicated further interest in fostering greater social connections with their fellow Jewish peers.

“Like many other educational and communal institutions, we understood that each generation has different interests and different approaches to how they connect to their history, heritage and people,” said Melton Executive Director Rabbi Rachel Bovitz. “Our goal in performing this study was to learn more about how we can better serve this demographic through more specific programming that meets their interests.”

“Although we completed this research well before October 7th, the feeling in the field is that the need for engaging, relevant Jewish learning for this generation has become even more urgent,” said Melton International Director, Rabbi Dr. Morey Schwartz. “It has been observed throughout American Jewish history that periods of instability and upheaval like the one we are currently experiencing are accompanied by a greater interest in Jewish adult learning, with people being drawn to Jewish learning as a spiritual resistance against the forces of antisemitism.”

The study, independently conducted by Impact:NPO targeted a demographic of self-identifying Jews from across the United States between the ages of 35 and 54. Respondents (1,438 individuals) hailed from across the country and major religious denominations, including a group that does not affiliate with any of the major movements. In response to the results and the war in Israel, Melton launched its first Parent Empowerment Initiative, a five-session, intensive course to help parents of high school and college students better understand the context of the Israel-Palestinian conflict and how to support their children dealing with protests at school. Other programs are currently in the planning phase which will run in parallel to Melton’s existing catalogue of in-person and online courses and educational travel experiences.

The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning is a worldwide movement of committed learners who are empowered to enrich Jewish life. Its innovative curriculum and immersive travel and learning experiences have now reached over 200 communities across the globe inspiring more than 50,000 learners worldwide. To learn more visit  

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