New Refrigeration Room is Dedicated by Israel Food Bank: Brother Memorialized

Five months after the death of her beloved brother Adi, Ilanit Hafutah dedicated a new walk-in refrigeration room to honor his memory in the Meir Panim Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchen in the central town of Or Akiva. 

The new walk-in-refrigeration room will help serve the impoverished in Or Akiva and its surrounding areas. The nearby coastal town of Caesarea is a city filled with hotels. These hotels, pre-pandemic, were major contributors of rescued surplus food to Meir Panim’s kitchen. 

However, the virus has shut down Israel’s hospitality industry, leaving the staff of these establishments out of jobs and unable to donate their food. As a result, Meir Panim has had to find a way to make up for this loss, while also working to meet the growing demand of people in need of its services. 

Ilanit quickly got to work recruiting extra volunteers to help her cook and prepare the hundreds of meals that the branch provides on a daily basis. Amidst the unfortunate situation, she recognized an opportunity to make good use of the many hotel chefs and workers that are temporarily unemployed by enlisting them to assist in the operation. 

With the help of the new refrigeration room and the volunteers, the Or Akiva branch has been able to continue cranking out fresh and nutritious meals.  

“This refrigeration room is up and running and is already full of food,” Ilanit shared. “The beautiful and full walk-in refrigeration room is dedicated in memory of my beloved brother, Adi ben Miriam.”

Meir Panim distributes thousands of meals a day to the poor and needy across its five Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchens. For many, who have no way of feeding themselves or their families, it’s their only source for hot food. 

To donate to this important organization and ensure that the refrigeration room remains stocked during this difficult time, donate to Meir Panim today by visiting


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