Aquarius engine


Israel’s Aquarius Engines has redesigned the internal combustion engine; Israel’s LiveU will provide IP-based live video transmission solutions for more than 80 broadcasters and online streaming customers during the Rio Olympics this summer, and much more.

By: Michael Ordman



New engine could halve fuel costs and emissions

Israel’s Aquarius Engines has redesigned the internal combustion engine. Its horizontal-moving cylinder powers two electric generators with much less waste energy than current 4,6 or 8 piston engines. With the smaller engine, cars can reach 1300 miles on a single tank of gas.

Transmitting the Olympics

Israel’s LiveU will provide IP-based live video transmission solutions for more than 80 broadcasters and online streaming customers during the Rio Olympics this summer. LiveU also previously transmitted the London Olympics, the FIFA World Cup 2014 and the UK election results.

Put your company on the Cloud in minutes

Israel’s Stratoscale has won a Red Herring Europe 2016 award for its Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) solution. Whatever computer hardware your company currently uses, Stratoscale says it can get you up and running using Cloud services in a few minutes.

Cybersecurity Excellence Award winner

Israel’s LightCyber won the 2016 Cybersecurity Excellence Award as the best solution in the Intrusion Detection & Prevention awards category. It also launched first of their kind Attack Detection Metrics to measure the accuracy and efficiency of security solutions in detecting stealth attackers.

Recharge your hearing aid wirelessly

Israel’s Humavox uses proprietary radio frequency (RF) to recharge hearing aids. Humavox’s flexible hardware platform, ETERNA, includes the smallest power receiver available in the market, making it able to fit into the tiniest of hearing aids.

Elementary kids take photos from edge of space

Israeli students and parents from Yigal Alon elementary school sent a meteorological balloon up 15 miles and collected images and complete flight data. The 42.3 ounce Styrofoam box contained two GoPro type cameras, flight data recorder, locator and radio transmitter.

Double funding for joint Israel-Canada tech

Further positive impact from the recent Ontario delegation to Israel. The joint funding to companies will be doubled to $2 million annually, and an extra $5 million a year will be provided for cooperation between Israeli and Canadian industries and universities.

See hear for the latest from Orcam

Israel’s Orcam – developers of the speaking glasses for the visually impaired – have been busy. Activities include demonstrating the MyReader product at the British Dyslexia Association’s International Conference in Oxford. And launching MyEye for Hebrew speakers.

Israel’s largest solar array

French PM Manuel Valls inaugurated Israel’s largest solar energy array at the Zmorot solar park in the Northern Negev. France’s EDF and its local partner Solex installed 207,000 photovoltaic panels to generate 50 MWp of clean energy.

Facial recognition of character traits

Israel’s Faception claims it can identify the character of a person using facial recognition software. The company says that personality is determined by DNA and reflected in the face – a kind of signal. It could have massive security applications.

Israeli body armor protects UK troops

The British army is testing and rolling out the new Israeli-made Virtus body armor system to its infantry. The new gear is 50% lighter than the previous Osprey system thanks to Virtus’ innovative Dynamic Weight Distribution (DWD) system and Scalable Tactical Vest.

Organic display technology

Israel’s StoreDot has unveiled its MolecuLED display technology in the world’s first organic display. The new technology allows for displays that produce vivid colors, are more cost effective, and are environmentally friendly, being entirely metal free.


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Source: United with Israel