When Naftali Bennett was appointed last month as Israel’s defense minister, it was seen as a temporary political move by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to shore up his right-wing flank until a new government could be formed.

Yet with the Jewish state likely headed towards a third election in less than a year, Bennett, who heads the New Right Party, will likely hold the office for several months, and is already making significant changes to the nation’s defense policies in just three weeks on the job.

Since taking office, he has immediately responded to all missile fire from Gaza and Syria; has announced not returning the bodies of terrorists killed in Israel to their families; approved construction of a new Jewish neighborhood in Hebron; and instituted a hardline policy on Iran.

“The Iranian leadership must know that they have no place in Syria, and they should focus their attention on the pressing needs of the Iranian people and not on attacking Israel,” he told JNS.

Source: Israel in the News