After Netanyahu announced a series of steps that the government will take to stem the spread of Covid-19, Moshe (Boogie) Yaalon, from the rival Blue and White Party, accused the Prime Minister of “cynical usage” of the coronavirus pandemic for “political aims.”

Yaalon, Netanyahu’s former defense minister, is number three on the Blue and White list behind party leaders Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid.

In a tweet sent out just moments following Netanyahu’s press conference, Yaalon said: “to all those who criticized us when we warned that (Israel) would turn into Erdogan’s Turkey, needs to internalize the cynical usage of the coronavirus crisis for the personal political aims of someone who is guilty before his trial.”

Yaalon was referring to Netanayhu’s upcoming trial in which he is being charged with bribery and breach of trust.

But Yaalon wasn’t the only one criticizing Netanyahu’s handling of the situation. Reporter Raviv Druker called Netanyahu’s usage of invasive technology to track Covid-19 patients “big-brother on steroids.”

Among the measures that Netanyahu is taking include:

1. All wedding halls, movie theaters, malls and restaurants, coffee houses to close down starting Sunday until further notice.
2. All daycares, kindergartens, schools and colleges closed
3. No more public gatherings of more than 10 ppl. Previously this was 100 ppl. Now it’s 10 ppl.
4. No standing less than 2 meters (6+ ft) from another person
5. Everyone should work from home wherever possible
6. Do not leave your home unless absolutely necessary
7. Wash hands all the time. No more shaking hands, kissing or hugging in social situations.
8. You should not leave your home if you have cough, sneezing or other symptoms, including fever and cold symptoms, even if u don’t have Corona.
9. These instructions are temporary but for how long no one knows, probably a month but could be longer.
10. No instructions are permanent, the rules can and probably will change daily as to protocol and information.
11. There are no food shortages, not now and not for pesach. No one should do panic buying. There is ample supply of food and medicine for all for several months. The only cause of shortages is panic buying.
12. Everyone is requested to take the quarantine seriously.

Bibi called on Yaalon’s party leader, Benny Gantz to put aside their differences and agree to work together in a unity government for the common good in this time of crisis.

Source: Israel in the News