Netanyahu held a press conference on Wednesday night to update the nation of Israel on the latest Coronavirus developments. The Israeli premier opened his address citing the Mishna saying “saving the life of one person is akin to saving the whole world.”He then added to the adage saying “one who infects one person is akin to infecting the whole world.”

Netanyahu then pleaded with the people of Israel to “stay home” as he recited a verse in Deuteronomy “For your own sake, therefore, be most careful.”

For your own sake, therefore, be most careful (Deuteronomy 4:15)

The underlying theme of the Prime Minister’s address: “Stay home.”

Bibi then admitted that he “doesn’t know” when the pandemic will end. But he did remind the crowd that during past plagues, the Jews were stuck in exile saying: “The coronavirus joins the family of other deadly plagues throughout history – the Black Plague, cholera, and the Spanish flu. When those plagues ran their course in previous centuries, we (the Jews) didn’t have a state. But today we do have a state.”

“This gives us unlimited options to control our destiny” he said adding “We are one people, one country and now is the time for unity.”

However he did offer a glimmer of hope by invoking the holiday of Passover reminding the audience that the (Jewish) “month of Nisan that begins tonight is the month of spring and of exodus from Egypt. It reminds us that our nation withstood intense storms. It gives us strength. It gives us hope. We overcame Pharoh. And although the battle is difficult and challenging, we will overcome the coronavirus with God’s help and with your help, people of Israel.”

Source: Israel in the News