In an interview with Channel 12 on Saturday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his interviewer, Dana Weiss that “we must pray to the Creator of the World that this plagues ends.” The Prime Minister was referring to the Coronavirus that has infected over 600 Israelis and claimed the life of one.

Unhappy with his answer, Weiss quipped that the solution lies with the Weizman College of Science. The Weizman College of Science is among the most prestigious academic institutions in the field of life sciences in Israel and has recently joined efforts to improve testing in Israel.

To that response, Netanyahu replied saying “In Weizman they also need to pray to God.”

Lately, a barrage of stories have surfaced indicating that Netanyahu is strengthening in his Jewish faith.

Last week, unconfirmed reports surfaced that Netanyahu dons tefillin everyday in an effort to rid Israel of the coronavirus.

Additionally, Breaking Israel News reported on another statement made by Netanyahu where he said that studying from the Torah gives him strength.

Interior minister Aryeh Deri backed Netanayhu’s comments while blasting Israel’s mainstream media’s cynical response saying “it’s disgusting how in a Jewish state, Dana Weiss interrupts the Prime Minister who invoked God’s help and tried to correct him in a rude and patronizing manner.”

The video of the interview is below (in Hebrew):


Source: Israel in the News