Netanyahu Warns of a 2nd Covid-19 Wave: One Jerusalem Hospital Seeks Help to Prepare

In a national address on Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of an imminent “second wave” of the novel coronavirus.

During his speech, the PM said “but it seems as though the virus outbreak will be renewed in a ‘second wave’. Maybe even more intensified.”

This daunting scenario was also echoed by the CDC. And while many hospitals worldwide are still trying to cope with the current coronavirus crisis, one hospital in Israel is exhausting all efforts to prepare for this ‘second wave’.

Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem is currently undergoing a massive campaign to retrofit hundreds of their hospital beds for future coronavirus casualties. Additionally, they are on the front lines of Israel’s battle against coronavirus by developing drugs to treat the pandemic if and when it makes a comeback.

It’s important to understand that Israel is a world leader in the global fight against Covid-19. This can be highlighted with various side-by-side comparisons worldwide. For example, New York City and Israel have similar populations. Yet New York City recorded 19,415 deaths while Israel only suffered 238. And if Israel is leading the battle against coronavirus, Hadassah is Israel’s general.

They’re also leading in the readiness campaign against an imminent second wave as well. But they can’t do it alone.

Hadassah wants to make sure that no more plagues devastate Jerusalem, Israel and the world as a whole. And although they have the know-how to get it done, unfortunately, their budget doesn’t match their determination.

But that’s where you can step in and help. That’s because any amount you donate will be earmarked for preventing a second wave which can send the world back into seclusion, panic and economic collapse. And if Hadassah can’t stop it, they’ll at the very least serve as a role-model for other hospitals worldwide dealing with the pandemic’s comeback.

There’s an old Jewish proverb that goes: ‘He who saves one life is as if he saved the entire world.’

Now can be your chance to save the world. Donate to Hadassah today.

Source: Israel in the News