Netanyahu has again been chosen as one of the top ten most admired figures by the American people. 

By: United with Israel Staff

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the ninth-most admired person in the United States, according to a recent Gallup poll.

Former President Barack Obama topped the chart for men, while President Donald Trump came in second, Pope Francis came in third, Bill Gates came in eighth and Jeff Bezos came in right after Netanyahu.

Netanyahu ranked higher than the Dalai Lama and Vice President Mike Pence, who came in 11th and 12th respectively.

The Israeli premier posted a video thanking Americans for the honor.

“I’m honored,” said Netanyahu. “My staff just told me that there was a Gallup poll where I was included in the ten most admired people by the American public. I appreciate that–not because of the support for me, but first and foremost for my country Israel. Thank you, America.”

Hillary Clinton was ranked as the most admired woman, with Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey coming in second and third.

The 2017 survey marks the 16th consecutive year Clinton has been the most admired woman. She has held the title 22 times in total, more than anyone else. Eleanor Roosevelt is second with 13 wins.

Obama has now been named the most admired man 10 times, trailing only Dwight Eisenhower, who earned the distinction 12 times. Obama won all eight years he was president, plus 2008 — the year he was first elected — and this year, his first as a former president.

But Clinton’s and Obama’s standings this year are more tenuous than in the past. The 9 percent who name Clinton is the lowest percentage she has received since 2002, when 7 percent named her in another close first-place finish.

A quarter of Americans cannot name a man or a woman they admire most. Nine percent name a relative or friend as the most admired man, and 13 percent do so for the most admired woman.

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Source: United with Israel