Before setting off to meet with his American counterpart, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu anticipates a “historic” visit with President Trump.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said the following:

“An opportunity such as this comes once in history and cannot be missed. Today, we have in the White House the greatest friend that Israel has ever had; therefore, we have the greatest opportunity that we have ever had. For three years, I have spoken with President Trump and his staff about our most vital national and security needs, which must be included in any diplomatic arrangement. I have found an attentive ear in the White House to these needs. Therefore, I am full of hope that we are on the verge of a historic moment in the annals of our state. I am leaving for Washington with a sense of great mission, of great responsibility and of great opportunity, which will not recur, to ensure the future of Israel.”

Netanyahu and Israel’s opposition leader, Benny Gantz will each meet with President Trump separately.

Source: Israel in the News