A mysterious invasive, poisonous fish has invaded Israel’s sea coast, especially in the Haifa area reports 0404. In Hebrew, experts are saying that it is from the Abu Nachfa (fugu fish) family. The Fugu fish is poisonous and is not for fit for human consumption.

Furthermore, these fish are dangerous as their teeth can bite through aluminum as seen in the video below:

Many beach-goers are unaware of the fact that it is an extremely toxic and invasive fish. In fact, eating the fugu fish can lead to paralysis and even death.

As it turns out,many fishermen who catch it in their net want to eradicate it from their coastal fishing waters. And so with a heavy heart, they kill the fish upon catching it. That’s because they an invasive fish (arriving from the Suez Canal). They cause irreversible damage to the fish, the coral reefs and destroys just about everything it runs into in its path.

So if you happen to see one on the beach in Israel, don’t touch it and definitely don’t eat it.

Source: Israel in the News