Military Weapons Discovered in Jerusalem Falafel Store

Military Weapons Discovered in Jerusalem Falafel Store (Photo: Courtesy/TPS)

Jerusalem police located this morning military equipment stored in an apartment and in a falafel shop in eastern Jerusalem. The search was carried out as part of the ongoing effort to prevent crime and terror attacks in Israel.

In the garden of a house located in Ras al-Amud, police units discovered a bag buried in the ground containing six pipe bombs, two stun grenades, a Carl Gustav rifle, magazines and ammunition. The owner of the property arrested shortly after the discovery.

In a separate search conducted in a falafel stand in Sultan Suleiman street near Damascus Gate, police found and confiscated two pipe bombs, magazines and ammunition. The owner of the falafel stand, a resident of Wadi al-Joz, an Arab neighborhood in eastern Jerusalem, was also arrested and is currently under investigation.

A spokesman from Jerusalem’s District Police said that the the military equipment was currently being checked. “The equipment was taken from the point of discovery and security is continuing to scour the area with an emphasis of Ras al-Amud,” the statement continued.

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The local Jerusalem police commander praised the actions of the police units: “The professional intelligence and investigation actions of the police, law and order units, border police of the Kedem region located and caught military material that could have potentially been used for terror attacks or criminal purposes. They prevented a serious attack on innocent people and security personnel,” the commander said.

This is the third time in recent months that such material has been found in seemingly innocuous locations. In early November, detectives, assisted by sniffer dogs, located several pipe bombs, improvised guns and ammunition hidden near Jerusalem’s district court. Shortly after the incident, an Arab father and son were arrested on suspicion of having a connection to the material.

In December during an overnight raid, the IDF also discovered lethal weapons including Carlo guns, ammunition and knives concealed in a shop inside a refugee camp in Qalandiya in Jerusalem.

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