Messiah Magazine Is Back!

For many years, First Fruits of Zion published a periodical called Messiah Magazine. It was great. We loved it, and so did many of you.

At some point, however, it became clear to us that Messiah Magazine wasn’t living up to its full potential. In addition, publishing two periodicals—the magazine and Messiah Journal—was overwhelming our contributors. So, we put both of them on the back burner and dreamed of what the magazine could become.

Now it’s back, and it’s better than ever.

The relaunch of Messiah Magazine features stunning artwork, beautiful photographs, and hard-hitting, relevant content. It’s a magazine for all ages and all walks of life—not just for those who have been following Messianic Judaism for a long time, but for anyone who’s even remotely interested. The magazine touches on practical issues of faith and ethics and challenges prevailing notions of what it means to be a follower of Yeshua. It’s also a fantastic gateway to Messianic Judaism with introductory content about Jewish holidays and practices.

The current issue—which you can get by subscribing now—has a special focus on Messianic Jewish music and musicians. You can read excerpts from an interview with Joshua Aaron, one of the most popular Messianic Jewish musicians alive today. Kim Campbell relates her journey to Torah with her late husband, famed singer and guitarist Glen Campbell. Discover the origin of one of the first Messianic Jewish bands through the eyes of one of its members, Tuvya Zaretsky.

Ever wondered what to make of the recent uptick in sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena—more usually called UFOs—and the U.S. Defense Department’s recent report on the subject? Messiah Magazine touches on this and other hot topics from a Messianic Jewish perspective. You can even get a firsthand account from Jerusalem of what it was like to be in the Knesset during the barrage of rocket attacks earlier this year.

Messiah Magazine will help you discover the significance of the upcoming holidays of Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot, the Festival of Booths. We’ve even included a mouthwatering apple-honey-cake recipe to increase your joy during the festival season.

All this and much more can be found in the current issue of Messiah Magazine. It’s a great resource for anyone involved with Messianic Judaism, but it’s also perfect for handing out to your friends who are still unsure what Messianic Judaism is all about.

Subscription to the magazine’s print version is easy—and best of all, it’s free. Just click the link below, and your copy of Messiah Magazine’s latest issue will be on its way. Don’t miss out—stock of the current issue is limited!

Subscribe and secure your copy today!

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