Meet the Israeli activist who is winning the war against abortion

In Israel, abortion is legal. Therefore, the battle to save babies is focused on precisely that; saving babies. EFRAT was established in 1977 and has saved over 83,000 babies to date. 

They intentionally avoid lobbying and legislation and focus on providing whatever the mother needs for bringing a new life into the world..

Ruth Tidhar, the head of the assistance department of the Efrat organization spoke with Israel365 News this week about how the organization is winning the war on abortion. 

“In the US, they divide the issue between the so-called ‘pro-life’ and the so-called ‘pro-choice,” Tidhar explained. “We described our approach as pro-choice…with information. We give the mother information; medical information as well as inform her what having a baby really means in concrete terms. It is hard to believe that in this day and age when the entire internet is in the palm of your hand that so much of the information about abortions is unavailable. But we give all the information so the mother can choose.”

Of course, EFRAT also offers much more.

“We offer support; emotional support, social support, and concrete financial support,” Tidhar said. “The idea is that the decision is always with the woman. After all, she’s going to raise the baby.”

“It is a difficult decision but it isn’t complicated,” said. “Either you have a living baby or you don’t. It’s a decision that you will live with forever. Whether you have the baby or don’t. You’re going to live with that decision. The mother needs to take the time to think and listen to herself.”

According to Tidhar, since the mother is the one who is going to live with the repercussions of abortion or with raising a child, her decision has to be heard. 

“In this way, we’ve helped over 80,000 women come to the conclusion they want to have their baby. We’ve found that most women who turn to us do want to have their baby and are being pressured either by their spouse or boyfriend or their parents to have an abortion against their intuition.”

The first stage of the process is what Tidhar calls “radical listening”.

“We give her room to express all the different voices that are going on in her head. If she is allowed to listen to her inner self, she realizes that the emotional repercussions of having an abortion against her wishes are pretty horrific,” Tidhar said.

Radical listening relates to another significant flaw in the western approach to abortion.

“Medically, abortion is fairly simple,” Tidhar said. “But unlike most surgical procedures, it doesn’t leave a scar on the outside. But it leaves a deep scar on the inside; on the heart and soul. Women who have already had abortions, their psyche and even their body remember that abortion.”

EFRAT offers concrete help in the form of a crib, a stroller, a baby bath, bottles, diapers, and clothing. Other various essentials are also taken care of like bedding, monthly packages of diapers, wipes, and formula.

“Everything she needs for two years after the baby’s born,” Tidhar said. “Everything is brand new in the box, brought with the messenger service to the woman’s door.”

EFRAT buys in bulk and has a central warehouse so the cost is low. The staff is volunteers.

Thanks to EFRAT, the cost of saving a baby’s life stands at $1,200.

The number of abortions reported annually has dropped from 20,000 annually to about 17,000, despite the population growing. EFRAT spends very little money on advertising and most of the mothers find them through a friend.

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