The sign at Trump Heights was recently vandalized by those seeking to undermine the friendship between Israel and the USA, but the original sign designers are determined to fix it up. Meet the father and son team in the Golan

that designed the first sign and hear about what went into the great symbol of friendship and gratitude. Join Israel365 in planting trees to beautify Trump Heights by clicking here.

The Background

After US president Donald Trump recognized the Golan Heights as part of Israel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded in kind by dedicating a town entitled ‘Trump Heights’ in that region.

But just as the practice of destroying monuments representing freedom and God has crept into the United States, it appears as though a similar trend has trickled down into Israel. The latest example of this phenomenon can be seen by the destruction of the iconic sign that welcomes guests to Trump Heights.

The sign, which is the only structure currently erected at the site, represents the unbreakable bond that Israel and America share. Additionally, it is a tribute to the support that Israel has enjoyed from the man Netanyahu calls “the best friend Israel can ever have.”

Israel365’s Rabbi Tuly Weisz sees the vandalism as a symbolic blemish on the US-Israel relationship. His organization is working to not only repair the sign, but to beautify it by decorating it with a surrounding grove of trees.


These trees, are akin to the “trees of victory” spoken about in the book of Isaiah:

They shall be called trees of victory, Planted by Hashem for His glory. (Isaiah 61:3)

And while Rabbi Weisz can get all the tools in place to both fix that sign and plant those trees, he doesn’t have the one thing he needs most to do it – funding. But that’s where you can help.

That’s because Israel365 is currently accepting contributions to turn Trump Heights from devastation into an oasis. In other words, now could be the time to donate whatever you can to Israel365’s tree fund and help beautify Trump Heights in the Golan.


This can be your opportunity to show that the unbreakable bond between Israel and the US doesn’t have to be limited to the White House lawn. Make your donation to plant a tree in Israel. Turn the only village named after the US president into a paradise. Turn darkness into light.

Donate to rehabilitate Trump Heights today.

Source: Israel in the News