Media Warns of WWIII Starting in Mid-East After Presidential Elections

Media Warns of WWIII Starting in Mid-East After Presidential Elections

According to media reporting on documents leaked from the German Ministry of Defense, European leaders are preparing for a “hybrid” Russian attack in Eastern Europe. The first stage, dubbed “Alliance Defense 2025,” would start this February with Russia mobilizing an additional 200,000 soldiers.

Fox News reported on Tuesday that classified German documents outlined how the militaries of several European countries are planning to prepare for an offensive by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The story was first reported in the BILD newspaper based on information obtained from the German Ministry of Defense. The “Alliance Defense 2024” could start in February as Russia deploys about 200,000 soldiers in response to Western financial support for Ukraine drying up, according to the report.

Russia would begin launching “severe cyberattacks” in the Baltics by July while stirring up discontent among Russian nationals in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

In September, clashes could escalate, according to the classified documents, and be used by Russia as a pretext to launch a large-scale military exercise involving about 50,000 Russian troops in Western Russia and Belarus called, “Zapad 2024”. Russia could move troops and mid-range missiles to Kaliningrad, an 86-square-mile Russian territory wedged between Lithuania and Poland, which are both NATO members.

BILD also reported that Russia could use the US presidential election as an opportunity to disburse more propaganda of fictional “border conflicts” or “riots with numerous deaths” to incite violence in the Suwalki Gap area. Russia would then accuse Western allies of planning moves against Putin’s regime after the UN Security Council meeting, which the Russian leader could use to rally troops in the Baltics and Belarus by March 2025.

BILD reported, the leaked documents said Germany would deploy 30,000 troops for defense, as about 70,000 Russian troops are based in Belarus.

By May 2025, that buildup could prompt NATO to enact “measures for credible deterrence” to prevent further Russian incursion, which translates to combat between Western troops and Russian forces.

BILD reported that the documents outline a potential scenario that was prepared by German army generals and European allies after considering the seriousness of Russia’s threat.

Newsweek reported on Tuesday that Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of the Russian-state-owned broadcaster RT, predicted that World War III will “definitely” break out in the Middle East.

“And now the third world war,” Simonyan posted to Twitter on Monday evening. “Whether a world war will break out now or a little later depends on whether Washington believes that it will be useful to it now, before the elections, or vice versa. Judging by the choral silence of the American media, they are still thinking.”

“A world war will definitely start,” Simonyan said in a separate post on Monday. “And with almost complete probability – precisely in the Middle East.”

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