Media Bias or Oversight? Coverage of Rallies Showing Solidarity with France Omits Israel

Tel Aviv rally in solidarity with France

Palestinian solidarity with French

A group of Palestinians gathered Saturday evening in show of solidarity with France following the terror attacks the previous evening. (AP/Nasser Shiyoukhi)

An Associated Press photo essay of demonstrations worldwide showing solidarity with the French included a small Palestinian rally in Bethlehem, but omitted a huge Israeli event in Tel Aviv.

The Associated Press (AP), one of the largest and most trusted sources of independent news gathering, recently circulated a photo essay of demonstrations around the globe showing solidarity with the people of France following multiple Islamic terror attacks in Paris on Friday night.

United with Israel (UWI) inadvertently came across the AP article, published by WSOC TV in Charlotte, North Carolina, while searching for related information.

The article included photos from several locations, including a small Palestinian event at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. Missing, however, was a huge Israeli rally that took place Saturday night at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, attended by thousands.

UWI questioned AP and was told that their photographers were indeed present at the Tel Aviv event and took several photos, which were available online. The news agency suggested contacting WSOC directly to ask why the Tel Aviv photo was apparently omitted.

Chris Taylor, who handles the relationship with AP on behalf of WSOC, offered to “investigate if the Associated Press has made available an updated version of the photo gallery in question.” After looking into the matter further, the station confirmed that the Tel Aviv coverage “was not edited out by WSOC.”

After further questioning, AP acknowledged that the story was sent without mention of the Israeli event. “Dozens of photos moved that day, and it was impossible to include everything in this package. Although the Tel Aviv photos weren’t included in this particular package, they were transmitted and could be accessed by our photo customers,” Media Relations Manager Lauren Easton wrote in an email.

Taylor told UWI that WSOC “will also make note of your message for our future coverage.”

By: Atara Beck, Senior Writer, United with Israel

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Source: United with Israel