MDA volunteers Arab town

“Since I was a little girl I dreamt of volunteering in MDA,” said Sanna Hasdeiah, one of the seven women in the course.

By Arye Green, TPS

Magen David Adom, Israel’s national medical emergency service, on Tuesday concluded its first-ever first responder course in the Arab town of Taibe.

Some 20 civilian volunteers took part in the six-month-long course, learning the necessary skills to be ambulance drivers and medical emergency responders. A wide variety of people from all ages and fields of work attended the course, with the hopes of saving lives and helping their fellow citizens in a medical emergency.

Saber Asbarga, who is in charge of MDA volunteers in Taibe, said that the new volunteers would significantly boost the safety of the town’s residents.

“It is important to us that every one of the town’s residents feels safe and know that at any given moment there are MDA first responders nearby in case of an emergency, who are always available to treat those in need and save lives,” he said.

One of the volunteers who completed the course said it was her life-long dream. “Since I was a little girl I dreamt of volunteering in MDA,” said Sanna Hasdeiah, one of the seven women in the course.

She shared her personal story, emphasizing the importance of the course to her.

“When my daughter was four days old, she had open-heart surgery, because of a heart defect she had. I remember the hopeless feeling of not being able to help if something happened once we got home. Today she is six, alive and well, and I know that in any medical emergency, I can help with first response medical treatment and potentially save lives,” said Hasdeiah.

Eli Bean, head of MDA, said that the addition of the new volunteers to the MDA force would significantly improve the timeframe for first responses in the case of an emergency in Taibe.

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