This week’s Haftarah comes from the book of Malachi. The book of Malachi is the last book of the Twelve Prophets and represents the end of the era of prophecy amongst the children of Israel. In chapter 1, Malachi reiterates God’s love for His chosen people. When the children of Israel accept the love of Hashem, the Prophet says that they will be inspired to collectively declare that “Hashem is great beyond the border of Israel.” These words can be understood in two ways. The Biblical commentator Ibn Ezra suggests that this verse implies that even those outside of Israel will say “Hashem is great.” More likely, this verse means that the people of Israel themselves will call out excitedly “Great is Hashem, beyond the borders of Yisrael.“ Today, both of these commentaries are true. The amazing ongoing acts of kindness and righteousness in the Land of Israel are inspiration for both the people of Israel and the nations from around the world to declare God’s greatness.

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