London Mayor Called Tel Aviv for Counter-Terrorism Advice Following Attacks

Signaling Israel’s international prominence in the field, London Mayor Sadiq Khan sought advice from Tel Aviv in combating urban terrorism and extremism following the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London Bridge, Jewish News reported.

Khan, who is Muslim, told Jewish News that his office, as well as the head of national counter-terrorism policing, Mark Rowley, had been in touch with Israeli officials over the best methods of preventing and combating acts of terror in urban or civilian settings.

He said they had learned “lots of things, things like putting in place the barriers we have done in London. There are other things and we are using the advice we receive.”

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Israel regularly installs large concrete barriers in front of bus stops and other gathering spots for pedestrians in order to stop car-ramming attacks.

“Just like the terrorists evolve, we have to find new ways to protect ourselves,” said Khan, who added that in addition to regular contact with their Israeli counterparts, British police visit Israel as well.

England has not only received assistance from Israel in security but in disaster relief and recovery. Following last month’s devastating suicide bombing attack during an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, in which 22 people were killed, Israeli trauma experts flew to the city to offer their expert aid in counseling terror victims. They also trained dozens of British mental health professionals in providing trauma care.

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Source: Israel in the News