Little known is that the value of honoring one’s elders is more than a moral, it is actually a Biblical commandment. By emphasizing its importance in Judaism, God is essentially teaching that unlike the secular community where elders are often pushed aside when they reach a certain age, the Jewish people are meant to appreciate and cherish their older leaders who have years of wisdom and experience to share with the next generation. Even the great Moshe Rabeinu (our teacher) was only appreciated for his abilities when he had reached a venerable age. How much more so must we show our respect to those who have not only reached old age but also survived unthinkable horrors. Since World War II ended nearly 72 years ago, thousands of survivors have faced countless struggles, poverty among the top causes for their continued suffering. This is why we must step up and show their love and support for those who survived one of the worst periods in history and lived to pass their wisdom on to the next generation.

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