At last year’s Shavu’ot conference we announced the launch of the 12-21 Initiative. 12-21 is the outreach of First Fruits of Zion that will be focusing on youth and young adults ages twelve to twenty-one.

We are excited to announce the launch of the 12-21 website. With this website and our focused presence on 12-21 social media, we hope to be reaching and connecting with kids worldwide.

The website is divided up into three main sections: Connections, Camp Tzadi, and the Gap Year.

  • Connections will contain information about upcoming Shabbatons and conferences like the 12-21 track that will take place during the annual FFOZ Shavu’ot conference this summer. You can also read about the Israel Youth Adventure Tour, which we hope to launch sometime in 2019, God willing.
  • Camp Tzadi is the 12-21 summer camp, which will have its first session this summer from August 10-20 at Camp Chi in the Wisconsin Dells. At the Camp Tzadi section of the website, you can learn all about the camp, watch the promo video, and sign up to attend.
  • In the Gap Year section is information about our long-term vision for a year-long education opportunity that will take place in Hudson, Wisconsin with a semester in Israel. While this is a huge undertaking, it is a necessary program for the Messianic Jewish education of our children and the future of the movement.

The site also contains a blog section where we will present fresh and relevant material for teens and college-age young adults. The blogs will often deal with the complexities that Messianic Jews and Gentiles face in today’s world. These will be articles written by a variety of Messianic authors, guest contributors, as well First Fruits of Zion staff.

As I keep preaching to everyone I tell about 12-21, if we don’t reach the next generation, this movement dies with us. Our prayer is that this website will be one more vehicle for reaching the next generation for Messianic Judaism as well as passing the baton on to children already in the movement. With God’s help, we will populate this website with events, programs, and blogs for teens and young adults that will help them learn about and strengthen their Messianic Jewish faith as well as connect with one another. Check out the 12-21 website yourself and please consider sowing into this important ministry through a donation.

Source: First Fruits of Zion