Left -Wing goes full Bible-hatred after Trump endorses new edition

Left -Wing goes full Bible-hatred after Trump endorses new edition

Last week, President Trump released a video endorsing the “God Bless the USA Bible” released by country music singer-songwriter Lee Greenwald, sending the left-wing into a Bible-hating frenzy. 

“All Americans need to have a Bible in their home and I have many. It’s my favorite book,” Trump said in a video posted to social media on Tuesday. encouraging supporters to purchase the “God Bless The USA Bible.” “Religion is so important and so missing, but it’s going to come back.”

“We have to bring Christianity back into our lives and into what will be again a great nation,” Trump said. “Our Founding Fathers did a tremendous thing when they built America on Judeo-Christian values. Now that foundation is under attack, perhaps as never before.”

The Bible is the King James version but includes the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, Pledge of Allegiance, and handwritten lyrics to the chorus of Greenwood’s “God Bless The USA.” It sells for $59.99.

Greenwald’s website touts its features:

“Easy-to-read, large print and slim design, this Bible invites you to explore God’s Word anywhere, any time. This bible has been designed so that it delivers an easy reading experience in the trusted King James Version translation. This large print Bible will be perfect to take to church, a bible study, to work, travel, etc. Proudly made in the USA!”

Plans first surfaced for Zondervan and HarperCollins to publish the Bible in 2021 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The NIV is the best-selling modern English translation of the Bible and is licensed in North America by HarperCollins Christian Publishing Inc, a parent company of Zondervan and Thomas Nelson, evangelical publishers. Printing the entirety of the NIV Bible text in the U.S. requires a license from HarperCollins Christian Publishing Inc. or a manufacturing agreement with them. 

The Bible was doing “very well in pre-sale” with about 700 orders when an online petition led by Utah-based evangelical Christian John Morehead sidelined the project, claiming the edition was “a toxic mix that will exacerbate the challenges to American evangelicalism, adding fuel to the Christian nationalism and anti-Muslim sentiments found in many segments of the evangelical church”.

In the wake of heavy opposition, the Bible’s website states the product “is not political and has nothing to do with any political campaign.”

“GodBlessTheUSABible.com is not owned, managed or controlled by Donald J. Trump, The Trump Organization, CIC Ventures LLC or any of their respective principals or affiliates,” it says.

Screenshot from Lee Greenwald’s website for the “God Bless The USA Bible”.

“GodBlessTheUSABible.com uses Donald J. Trump’s name, likeness and image under paid license from CIC Ventures LLC, which license may be terminated or revoked according to its terms.”

A “spotlight” section on the website shows other conservative personalities posing with a copy of the bible, including Tomi Lahren, Donal Trump Jr., Rita Cosby, Travis Tritt, and Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Critics claim that endorsing a Bible is a result of Trump’s “Christian Nationalism. Jemar Tisby, is a historian and author who describes Israel as “the occupation” and objects to the “literal restoration of the nation of Israel before Christ’s return”.  Tisby objected to associating the Bible with the founding documents.

“What has caused outrage with this Bible is that it includes the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and even the lyrics to a Lee Greenwood song. So it’s adding to the Bible, and it’s adding specific political documents to the Bible that completely erase the separation of church and state.”

“What’s so pernicious about this is it plays on people’s devotion to God and their love of country, either of which by themselves could be innocuous or even good,” he said.

Melani McAlister, a professor of American Studies at George Washington University, was quoted in Slate as saying, “Putting the Bible or placing American history within the Bible, or suggesting the U.S. is a source of revelation, is seen by many evangelicals as a kind of heresy.”

McAlister is an advocate of the antisemitic BDS movement and perpetuates the lie that Israel is “apartheid”. 

The reviews on Amazon were scathing, with only one five-star rating. 

“This is yet another Trump scam,” one critic wrote. 

“This fiction book is filled with gratuitous sex and violence,” another wrote, displaying hatred for the Bible as a whole rather than the former president who endorsed it. “It should be rated “R” and kept out of the hands of children.”

“According to this, we all end up in the same place – hell,” another wrote, seeming to rate the Bible and religion in general. “I don’t like being threatened with scary punishments,” he concluded, making it unclear whether he objected to the Biblical precepts or the limits placed on individuals by U.S. law.

While Trump does not self-define as a devout Christian, a Pew Research Center survey released earlier this month found that most people with positive views of Trump think he stands up for people with religious beliefs like their own.

Greenwood was gracious when responding to critics in an interview with Newsmax.

“I think it’s just from the Trump haters,” Greenwood said. “I don’t even believe people on the left hate religion. It’s just the Trump haters is all,” Greenwood said. “And we’ve been promoting this Bible for over three years, so because the president has also asked the nation to pray and use that particular Bible.”

“I mean, he could have used any Bible at all, but because it has the documents of our Founding Fathers, I think that makes it unique,” he added.

Greenwood also said he was “proud of the president for stepping forward and saying that he believes in God, he’s a Christian, and this nation still should be praying for our country.”

The Bible appears to be selling well as the website warns that “high order volume” means customers will have to wait four to six weeks for delivery.

Anti-Bible and anti-Christian sentiment is manifesting powerfully in the anti-Israel left-wing. An Easter service at the iconic St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York was interrupted by pro-Palestinian and pro-Hamas protestors who brandished flags and stood in the way of clergy and worshippers before they were forcefully escorted out of the building.

Also, early on Easter Sunday, a trailer with hundreds of Bibles was set on fire outside of the Global Vision Church in Tennessee, after the local pastor returned from a trip to Israel.

“Happy Resurrection Sunday,” Pastor Greg Locke wrote on Facebook. “This morning at 6:00AM our security cameras caught a man dropping off a trailer in the middle of the intersection and blocking the road into our church. He then got out and set fire to an entire trailer full of Bibles right in front of our church. There was a lady that had driven through the night to get to our church and she was in the parking lot and was able to get the police officers here quickly, but it was quite the scene to wake up to on my first morning back from Israel. Had to block traffic in all directions but they are almost finished cleaning it up. It’s going to be a great day in the Lord.”

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