Lawsuit Accuses Kanye West of Racist Harassment, Antisemitic Slander

Lawsuit Accuses Kanye West of Racist Harassment, Antisemitic Slander
Kanye West

According to the suit, West repeatedly said that ‘the Jews are out to get me’ and ‘the Jews are stealing all my money’ in front of schoolchildren.

By Shula Rosen

Trevor Phillips, a former employee of controversial rapper Kanye West, is suing the celebrity alleging he harassed people of color and slandered Jews.

Philips, who like Kanye West is African American, said he was racially harassed by West, discriminated against and threatened with retaliation.

In addition, in front of schoolchildren at the Donda Academy, a school West founded outside Los Angeles, West repeatedly said that “the Jews are out to get me” and “the Jews are stealing all my money,” the suit says.

Phillips also says that Kanye West praised Hitler regularly and said he was “like Hitler without the gas chambers.”

In addition to Phillips, the rapper also harassed other employees, according to the lawsuit, making racist and anti-LGBTQ remarks and ridiculing employees he considered overweight.

The lawsuit alleges employees experienced psychological distress and said that West is a “toxic tyrant.”

Phillips is suing West for $35,000 in damage.

Kanye released a 40 minute video apologizing for antisemitic remarks in January and issued another apology in Hebrew on social media.

On a number of occasions, Kanye West has made blatant antisemitic remarks and in interviews has praise Hitler.

In December, Kanye went in a 10-minute antisemitic tirade in a small Las Vegas hotel room in a small crowd, some of whom live-streamed his monologue.

He spoke incoherently about conspiracy theories linking American schools to “Zionists,” “Rothschilds,” and “Jewish niggas.”

“It is our money, nigga. It is our country, nigga. They stole it from us – it’s the pyramids, nigga. It’s pyramids. It’s St. Louis, Missouri… it’s the Jewish niggas…They put us in the school, the Rothschilds.”

At a different point in the ten-minute tirade, he said, “”All you rich niggas got your kids in those Zionist schools,” without naming any institution in particular.

After appearances in interviews praising Hitler an an infamous Tweet in which he threatened to go “Death (sic) con 3 on Jewish People,” West was named the “top antisemitic influencer of 2022.”

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