Largest Single Purchase of Medical Equipment in the History of United Hatzalah

Largest Single Purchase of Medical Equipment in the History of United Hatzalah

Since the outbreak of the war with Hamas that commenced this past Saturday, the dedicated volunteers of United Hatzalah of Israel have tirelessly responded to the urgent needs of communities in the periphery of Gazam and other regions affected by Hamas attacks. These selfless individuals have provided medical care to over 2,000 people, many of whom required extensive medical attention, including bandages, tourniquets, oxygen, and even CPR. However, this relentless effort to save lives has taken a toll on the organization’s medical resources and supplies.

United Hatzalah’s President and Founder, Eli Beer, expressed his concern, stating, “We are purchasing more than $15 million worth of medical supplies to restock and be prepared for the continuation of the conflict. This is the single largest medical supply purchase that this organization has ever made, and I fear it won’t be enough.”

In response to this critical need, the organization launched a fundraising campaign on its website with the ambitious goal of raising $20 million. Thanks to generous donors from around the world, they have managed to secure over half of the targeted amount. Eli Beer emphasized the importance of these donations, highlighting the organization’s reliance on charitable contributions, as they receive no government funding. He pointed out that donations are the lifeline that enables them to purchase vital medical equipment and continue their life-saving mission.

Vice President of Operations, Dov Maisel, shed light on the magnitude of their response to the ongoing conflict, describing it as a “barbaric attack of historic proportions, the likes of which we have not seen since the Holocaust.” United Hatzalah is not only responding to the crisis in the southern front but also preparing for the possibility of a need arising on other fronts. To equip their volunteers with the essential tools required for their life-saving work, they are procuring supplies, such as bullet-proof vests and helmets for their safety, at an unprecedented rate.

Maisel noted, “In the past five days, hundreds of lives have been saved by the hard work of our selfless volunteers and their indomitable spirit. Jews, Christians, and Muslims, all banding together for the common goal of saving lives. Nothing is holier, and we need help to keep doing it.”

Volunteers preparing equipment at UH logistics headquarters to be sent to the teams near the Gaza border

In a time when unity and compassion are of utmost importance, United Hatzalah serves as an inspiring example of people from diverse backgrounds coming together to protect and preserve lives during a time of crisis. The organization’s unwavering dedication and resolve in the face of adversity showcase the power of humanity’s collective spirit. To support United Hatzalah in their critical mission, donations can be made via the organization’s website . Together, we can help this beacon of hope continue its vital work in saving lives and promoting peace during times of conflict.

Photo credit: United Hatzalah

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