Gaza smuggling

Security forces remain vigilant as terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip continually use new methods in their attempt to smuggle weapons.

Israeli security officials foiled yet another smuggling attempt into the Gaza Strip on Wednesday at the Erez Crossing. The large number of goods discovered was destined to be used for military purposes.

“The discovery was unusual, even to those familiar with the most creative smuggling attempts and methodologies,” said an official with the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

The items seized in the massive confiscation included security cameras, 14 small UAVs and UAV components, military-grade optical gear such as binoculars, laser pointers for weapons, rifle scopes, communications equipment, electronic components, weapons components, and scuba diving equipment. The Defense Ministry official related that this was just a partial list of all that was confiscated in the attempt to smuggle the equipment by hiding it in innocuous looking packages and mailing it to Gaza through the Israeli Postal Service.

Ministry of Defense Crossing Authority officials together with the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) have foiled hundreds of attempts to smuggle goods to Gaza through the Israeli Postal Service by way of the Erez Crossing over the past few months.

“Terror organizations in the Gaza Strip are seeking more innovative methods to transfer weapons,” explained a Defense Ministry spokesperson. “Today’s discovery is a demonstration of the heavy pressure being applied to smugglers and terrorist operatives by the Shin Bet, COGAT, the Tax Authority, the Israel Police, and the Defense Ministry Crossings Authority.”

An investigation by the Israel Police and the Shin Bet is now underway to identify and locate all those involved in the smuggling operation.

By: Michael Zeff/TPS

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