Knife-Wielding Man Attempts to Enter Jewish Day School in Marseilles

School security guards spotted a man wielding a knife on Friday outside the Yavre Jewish school t in Marseilles, France. The man then attempted to enter a nearby kosher market but security guards overpowered him, holding him until the police arrived.  No one was hurt in the incident and the police were quoted as saying the man’s motives were unclear. The children were sequestered inside the school while police searched for any explosives or accomplices.

In 2012, a Muslim French-Algerian carried out two shooting attacks, one targeting a Jewish school. In total, seven people were killed and five wounded. He justified his attack on the Jewish school because “The Jews kill our brothers and sisters in Palestine”.

In 2015, the Hypercacher kosher supermarket in Paris was taken siege by Islamist gunmen. Five people were killed and nine injured.

Marseille saw several stabbing attacks targeting Jewish men in 2015-2016, in which five were injured.


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