Yuli Edelstein

While “Israel is currently fighting on two fronts,” any aggression by its neighbors, including Iran which is entrenched in Syria, “will not end favorably for them,” Edelstein stated.

By: United with Israel Staff

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein stated that Israel is facing hostile threats on its northern and southern borders, but attacks on Israel “will not end favorably” for those who carry them out.

Edelstein made the remarks on Tuesday while hosting the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada (parliament of Ukraine) Andriy Parubiy and other members of the Ukrainian parliament.

Throughout Tuesday and the following night, the Gaza-based Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror groups relentlessly fired more than 100 rockets and mortars at Israeli communities surrounding the Strip, one of which exploded in a kindergarten, in the worst bombardment by Palestinian terror groups on Israel since Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014.

Following the welcome ceremony at the Knesset plaza, Edelstein told his counterpart that “Israel is currently fighting on two fronts: in the south and north of the country. The attempts of our neighbors, also the new ones, who are trying to change the order in the region, will not end favorably for them,” he stated, in a veiled reference to Iran’s military presence on Israel’s border with Syria.

Israel has launched extensive operations to erase Iran’s fingerprint in Syria, which Israel perceives as a new and looming threat.

Referring to the mortar shell that exploded in a kindergarten in Ein Hashloshah, Edelstein called it “a miracle” that the explosion did not hurt anyone.

“I know that Ukraine thoroughly understands the need for uncompromising protection of citizens who are under fire,” he added.

Ukraine in recent years has been under constant attack by Russian and pro-Russian forces operating in the country.

Edelstein thanked Parubiy for Ukraine’s support of Israel in international forums. He also noted Ukraine’s firm stance against anti-Semitism, and the cooperation between the Israeli and Ukrainian legislatures in various fields.

Parubiy lauded the his country ties with Israel, which he said will greatly benefit both sides.

“Both countries are dealing with similar security challenges; we are dealing with the attempts of the Russian army to push us out,” Parubiy said.

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Source: United with Israel