Kay Wilson Addresses UN, Calls Palestinians Murderers

Kay Wilson, who survived a stabbing attack as she was hiking in the forest near Jerusalem a few months ago, sits with her dog Peanut at the site of the stabbing. Wilson's friend Kristine Luken was killed in the attack which was committed by two young Arab men. April 21, 2011. (Photo: Miriam Alster/FLASH90)

In a powerful message that brought the light of truth into the dark halls of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), terror survivor Kay Wilson gave a chilling account of her personal experience of the Palestinian approach to her rights as a human.

Wilson, a Jewish tour-guide, and her friend, Kristine Luken, a Christian pilgrim, were attacked while hiking near Jerusalem. Palestinian terrorists ambushed the two hikers, hacking at both of them with machetes. Luken sadly succumbed to her wounds while Wilson just barely survived the attack.

“I’m Kay Wilson, an Israeli Jewish tour guide and educator for StandWithUs,” she said to the UN council. “In December 2010, I was gagged, bound, and held at knifepoint for half an hour by two Palestinian terrorists, then butchered 13 times with a machete, while watching my American Christian friend, Kristine Luken, hacked to death before my eyes because her executioners thought she was Jewish.”

“The Palestinian Authority incites people to believe that Jews are unworthy of life,” said Wilson, The incentive: American and European tax-payers’ money given to the Palestinian Authority, which rewards incarcerated murderers with monthly execution stipends.”

“The United Nations Human Rights Council immorally whitewashes terrorism as helplessness and frustration,” Wilson continued. “As a survivor, I know that to be being shackled in perpetual victimhood is not kind, helpful, moral or true. Personally, I’ve not also taken out my frustrations by holding Arabs hostage, tying them up and hacking them to death.”

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“Avoiding duty, and with pathological bias, you blame Israel, a Jewish democratic state of thriving coexistence, in which an Israeli Arab Muslim surgeon saved my life. Gagged with prejudice, bound with bigotry or held hostage by hate, and ineffective to do the goodness that will enhance people’s lives, may this council be set free, liberated to embrace both the integrity and impartiality needed to make our region a better place,” she concluded.”

Wilson’s intentions in telling her story was to enlighten the UNHRC of the results of their actions by funding the Palestinian Authority which in turn provides stipends to terrorists and their families. The council’s name provides lends to the interpretation that they are determined to provide the much-needed positive force to improve the human condition.

Ironically, in a region where the need for intervention in defense against terror is most greatly needed, the UN has pronounced the victim as the perpetrator. In 2007, one year after its formation, the UNHRC voted in Item 7, making Israel a permanent item on their agenda, and not in a supporting manner.  They have since adopted 61 resolutions against the Jewish state, in comparison with a total of 73 resolutions against all other Middle East countries combined; countries in which human rights are constantly shredded, combined. As per Item 7, Monday’s session of the UNHRC discussed five resolutions, all condemning Israel in one manner or another.

As an example of their objective prejudice, the UN is currently in the process of selecting a rapporteur, a job whose stated purpose is to report on human rights violations by Israel while ignoring any violations committed by radical Islamic groups.

The first choice to fill the position, Professor Penny Green, seems eminently qualified for the myopic function. She has condemned Israel for “criminal state practices, ethnic cleansing, and apartheid”. She has recently called for a global boycott of Israel and most recently, she has called on Britain and the US to bomb Israel by comparing the Jewish state to ISIS.

The anti-Israel rhetoric constantly displayed by the UN shows the importance of Kay Wilson’s speech, especially at such a precarious time. Despite her suffering, Wilson is the antithesis of the UN’s hate-filled approach. Like Job, her suffering has brought her closer to God, not driven her away. Her current perspective is one filled with hope, truth, and inspiration.

At a lecture she gave at Brandeis University in 2014, Wilson spoke about her terrifying experience and concluded her speech saying, “In general, it’s not easy living in Israel. We feel our legitimacy isn’t being heard. I speak because I want my country to survive, and I want to resolve the hatred.”

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