Jordan River: Arabs arrested for sexually assaulting Jewish girls

Arabs from Ramallah sexually harrassed two Israeli Jewish girls from Samaria while kayaking on the Jordan River reports 0404.

The event took place while the girls, who were on an organized field trip, kayaked on the Biblical body of water.  It was at that point that several ‘Palestinian’ men assaulted them and sexually harassed them.

Another resident from Samaria who was also boating with his family assisted the girls and escorted them to the end of the kayaking trail. It was there that they contacted the police who identified the perpetrators and arrested them.

Police from Kiryat Shmonah arrived on the scene to collect testimony and arrested three suspects that live in a village by Ramallah and are residing in Israel illegally. The suspects were interrogated and the police have requested to extend their remand.

Head of the Samaria Council, Yossi Dagan, demanded the police seek justice and put an end to sexual harassment in the northern rivers. “I thank the Israeli police for their quick action and arresting the attackers, I demand to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law, it cannot be that young teenage girls explore rivers in the north and return from such traumatizing events. The monsters that assault girls need to sit in jail for many years.”


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