Join this Critical Pre-Passover Prayer Call for Israel

Join this Critical Pre-Passover Prayer Call for Israel


Israel is surrounded by enemies on all sides, facing attacks on all fronts, near and far. Hamas is attacking from the south, Hezbollah is attacking from the north, and the Houthis are attacking from the sea. On Saturday night, Iran targeted Israel with the largest drone attack in history. But thanks to the Guardian of Israel, the attack was a complete failure.

Only six months after Hamas slaughtered over 1,200 innocent Israelis – raping and torturing Israeli women and children – the West has turned its back on God’s people, refusing to demad the return of the hostages cowering in darkness. Instead of having Israel’s back, the Biden Administration is undermining Israel’s government and siding with the evil forces attacking the Jewish people.

Worst of all, popular pundits on America’s left and right are spreading lies and trying to drive a wedge between Jews and Christians.

The Iron Dome aerial-defense system fires interceptor missiles at enemy rockets fired from Lebanon, April 12, 2024. Photo by Ayal Margolin/Flash90.

But God will not abandon Israel!

“On that day the Lord shall protect the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and the weakest of them shall be, on that day, like David. And the house of David shall be like angels, like the angel of the Lord before them.” (Zechariah 12:8)

God WILL stand with the people of Israel. Why? For His children, Jews and Christians alike will cry out to Him:

“And I will pour out upon the house of David and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and supplications. And they shall look to Me…” (Zechariah 12:10)

Passover is the holiday of redemption, when God redeemed the people of Israel from Egypt. God answered our prayers then, and He will answer our prayers now!

Thank God for protecting His people from Iran. Pray for the safe return of the hostages and the safety of the IDF’s brave soldiers. Pray for the unity and love of all those who believe in God and His Bible – that God gives us the strength to stand together!

Israel Defense Forces activity in the Gaza Strip, April 2, 2024. Credit: IDF.

Pray for Israel!

Join us in prayer the day before Passover, Sunday, April 21, 2024

1:00 pm Central time

2:00 pm Eastern time

9:00 pm Jerusalem time


Pray together with Rabbi Tuly Weisz and many other faith leaders

Israel desperately needs our help.

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Help educate Christians and Jews about the need to Keep God’s Land and ensure we keep fighting for Israel – Together!

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