Jobless Israelis Under 28 About to Lose Unemployment Benefits

After June 30, Israelis under the age of 28 will no longer be entitled to any additional unemployment benefits, according to the Finance Ministry’s new economic SafetyNet guidelines that were revealed on Tuesday.


The long-anticipated plan offers a template for unemployment benefits from the 1st of July until the end of 2021. The economic safety net plan that was enacted in 2020 when the covid lockdowns began had provided job seekers with unemployment benefits through the end of June. This means that many in Israel will suddenly experience their cash flow coming to an abrupt halt in July. 


That is why the Colel Chabad organization is gearing up for an influx of poverty in Israel. This phenomenon will, of course, come with an increased demand for food. 

Colel Chabad is Israel’s leading provider of food to the hungry. Those in Israel who suffer from food insecurity know that they can turn to Colel Chabad for help. But Colel Chabad needs help too. That’s because this vital organization relies on donors worldwide to help ensure that poor Israelis don’t starve. 


You can help this holy organization in their efforts to ensure that no Israeli child goes to bed hungry. And you can do that by donating to the Colel Chabad organization. Any donation that you give will go directly to feeding Israel’s hungry.


So if you are able to, donate to Colel Chabad today.

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