Jewish Support for Biden Sharply Declining, Trump Gaining Ground

Jewish Support for Biden Sharply Declining, Trump Gaining Ground

In a significant shift in voter sentiment, recent polls indicate that Jewish-American support for President Joe Biden has declined by more than 20%, with a notable portion of this demographic moving toward former President Donald Trump. This trend is highlighted by a new survey from the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and a comparative analysis of previous election cycles.

The AJC’s 2024 Survey of Jewish Opinion, conducted between March and April, reveals that if the presidential election were held today, only 61% of Jewish-Americans would vote for Biden. This marks a dramatic decline from the 2020 election, where Biden secured 77% of the Jewish vote against Trump’s 21%, according to polling by GBAO Strategies. This suggests a 20% erosion of Biden’s support among Jewish voters.

These numbers take into account the entire Jewish community, across all denominations and levels of affiliation. Subtracting the Orthodox, over 80% of whom voted for Trump, the pro-Democrat slant of the 2020 Jewish electorate is even starker, with a similar percentage of non-Orthodox voting for Biden.

Former US President Donald Trump who is running for his old job speaks at the Republican Jewish Coalitions annual Leadership Summit in Las Vegas on Oct 28 2023 Credit Courtesy of the RJC source JNS

Several factors contribute to this changing landscape. Rising antisemitism in the United States has become a critical issue for many Jewish voters. The AJC survey found that 56% of Jewish-Americans view antisemitism as a “serious” problem, with 55% noting a significant increase since the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel. This growing concern has even led 7% of Jewish-Americans to consider leaving the United States. Translated into raw numbers, that is the equivalent of nearly half a million Jews considering emigrating. “I found this number to be unbelievably high, even shockingly high considering the history of Jewish love for America,” said Laura Shaw Frank, director of the AJC’s contemporary Jewish life department, at a press briefing.

Biden’s overall approval rating among Jewish-Americans stands at 56%, with only 48% approving of his handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict. This lukewarm endorsement reflects broader dissatisfaction with his administration’s response to issues critical to Jewish voters.

The growing support for Trump among Jewish-Americans could have significant implications for the 2024 election. Trump’s recent comments, including reversing his support for the two-state solution, and pledgint to deport pro-Palestinian protesters, appears to resonate with a segment of the American Jewish community increasingly concerned about security and antisemitism.

As the election approaches, Trump will aim to capitalize on the shifting sentiments and continue to make inroads among American Jewish voters. 

Israeli lawmakers have noticed this trend and are weighing in. Just last week, Knesset Member Ohad Tal joined a growing number of Israeli politicians expressing support for Donald Trump.

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