Talpiot’s garages are being replaced with modern office buildings and showrooms; Arifa and Assad Farajov recently immigrated to Israel from Azerbaijan, and much more. 

By: Michael Ordman



Jerusalem, old and new

The Talpiot neighborhood of Jerusalem used to be known mostly for its garages. But as another tech startup initiative opened in the area, the garages are being replaced with modern office buildings and showrooms.


Home for all Jews – plus

Arifa and Assad Farajov recently immigrated to Israel from Azerbaijan. Arifa, the wife, is Jewish and a lecturer in Russian literature. Assad, her husband, is Muslim – a former military judge who says “I’ve fallen in love with Israel.” Arifa’s grandmother was a Rabbi’s daughter who also married a Muslim.

Be fruitful and multiply

The average Israeli household has three children, nearly double the OECD average. But it puts a strain on the childcare system. Israel’s oldest charity, Colel Chabad runs a network of daycare centers across Israel. They provide children nutritious breakfasts, lunches and snacks six days per week.

Nine new Rabbinical judges

For the first time in nine years, nine new Rabbinic judges were appointed to the Supreme Rabbinical Court – Israel’s highest. They include Rabbis who have served in the IDF. The appointments committee included its first female member, Dr. Rachel Levmore.

2000-year-old synagogue unearthed

The remains of a structure that served as a synagogue during Second Temple times have been unearthed in an archaeological excavation at Tel Rechesh in the heart of the Nahal Tavor Nature Reserve in Israel’s lower Galilee. Eight 2nd Temple synagogues have been discovered in Israel.


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Source: United with Israel