The head rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Shlomo Amar blasted Gay people who claim to be religious reports INN.

At a conference in the southern port city of Ashdod last week, the Rabbi said, “There are people who call themselves religious, who have also fallen into this trap, they are not religious, it is preferable that they get rid of their yarmulkes and the Sabbath observance and reveal their true colors”.

Regarding conversion treatments, Rabbi Amar said: “Everyone can overcome (being gay), there is no need for conversion, nor psychologist, none of this nonsense – only fear of Heaven, only faith in God is required to overcome.”

These sentiments were a reaction to a new phenomenon of Jewish Israelis who live a seemingly Torah observant lifestyle except that they are openly gay. They are forming their own religious/gay communities throughout Israel but mainly in Jerusalem.

In response, leaders of the gay “religious” communities responded saying: “As religious men and women, it’s unclear to us how the rabbi garners the strength to push us out of Judaism. How dare he ask us to give up Sabbath observance and thus our religious identity?”

“Rabbi Amar, in your disturbing words, called upon our families to vomit us out of our family’s home and our communities. We call upon the religious communities to continue incorporating us, the men and women of the ‘proud religious community’, whose love of God is inside of us. And we are together”.

Last week, Breaking Israel News reported on a new political party whose aim is to fight the gay agenda that has reached Israel.

Source: Israel in the News