After Transportation Minister Betzalel Smotrich’s brother was arrested on Thursday, he took to Twitter blasting Israel as a “Scary Police State.”

The minister’s brother, Akiva Smotrich, was arrested at 12:30 AM on Thursday after returning to his home in Sa-Nur from Jerusalem. The charge – entering a village that was destroyed in 2005, a violation of the ‘Disengagement law’.

Betzalel Smotrich took to Twitter summarizing the event while blasting the conduct of the Israeli police saying:

“Here’s a fresh story regarding our scary police state. My big brother, a perfectly normal guy and father of eight was arrested yesterday at 12:30 at night after returning from a class in Jerusalem. In the heroic operation (sarcasm), three police cars stopped him in the middle of the street. He was released on bail in the middle of the night after being labeled as nothing less than a “danger to public safety.”

The terrible (sarcasm) charge agaisnt him is “violating the Disengagement law” for his presence in Homesh (where he ran a Yeshiva for over ten years).

Smotrich then alluded to th earrest of Rabbi Yehuda Glick for walking too slowly on the Temple Mount saying: “I’m still trying to figure our what is more dangerous to the state – going to Homesh or walking slowly on the Temple Mount.”

He concluded with a jab to the Israeli Police saying “you lost it.”

Source: Israel in the News